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Passionate People and Courageous Leaders

We have a collaborative culture that values innovation, commitment and collaboration. What makes Epiroc unique is its being a 145-year-old start-up company. There is a proud history, based on technological leadership and sustainability. We put a clear and sharpened attention to create even more value for customers, through innovation.


Being industry experts in a dynamic technological environment, with employees globally working in roles across the whole value chain – from R&D, purchasing/ sourcing, and manufacturing, to sales and services – we offer a wide range of individual development opportunities and require at the same time a variety of skills and experiences. We encourage internal mobility across geographical, organizational and cultural boundaries.


We are convinced that diversity leads to more dynamic and creative teams and improved performance. Therefore, our ambition, as stated in our Diversity Guidelines, is to have a diversified workforce in terms of nationality, gender, age, experience and education, as well as personality.

For more information, see Annual and Sustainability Report.
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