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Passionate People and Courageous Leaders

Our passionate people contribute to making Epiroc a great place to work. Our ambition is to be a future-looking, attractive, inclusive and digitally-enabled company where people collaborate to deliver sustainable business results.


Based on a shared culture of performance rooted in inclusion and diversity, we strive to attract and retain the best talent regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation and age. With a company culture based on trust, transparency and freedom with accountability as well as employee care, we believe that we are well placed to remain an attractive employer. We have a decentralized organization and a strong focus on results and sustainability.


Epiroc’s decentralized culture is founded on collaboration, trust and freedom with accountability. We work proactively to further enhance collaboration across the organization and among locations.


We believe that inclusion and diversity are critical for our business success. We need to work with the full scope of diversity in order to create high-performing teams and to build workplaces that are inclusive, energized and productive. Diverse teams innovate more and give better results.

For more information, download our Annual and Sustainability Report here. 
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