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Our Sustainability Approach

Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators

We are convinced that our approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility will be a driver of long-term growth and a key to reach our vision. Therefore, we are focused on ensuring a responsible and efficient value chain, as well as creating increased customer value by consistent performance and service excellence. This is reflected in both how we manage and develop our own operations and products and how the use of our products contributes to increased sustainability for our customers.

Our products are developed with the aim of meeting our customers’ increased demand for solutions that reduce their environmental footprints and address emission regulations. Our products are also improving the safety and health conditions for employees thanks to solutions for autonomous operations and remote control, mechanized equipment and battery driven solutions to name a few.

Our employees and business partners should all adhere to the Code of Conduct. Business partners should sign and comply with the partner contract based on the UN Global Compact, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ILO principles and rights at work as well as the OECD guidelines for multinational companies.

A talented workforce is essential to execute on Epiroc’s strategy. Epiroc has a long-term view on its recruiting to make sure that the Group has the right expertise and leadership competences.


We have policies and processes in place to guide our work with sustainability and corporate responsibility issues. In the Epiroc Code of Conduct, we have summarized our internal policy documents related to business ethics and social and environmental performance. Epiroc Code of Conduct in English, pdf.


The Sustainability Policy guides us in our work with sustainability issues. Epiroc Group Sustainability Policy, pdf.

Targets and key performance indicators

For each focus area there are a number of targets and key performance indicators to ensure that our business stays competitive, innovative and ethically sound. The priorities are set to ensure that we can capture opportunities while at the same time reducing the risks. The areas that capture our commitments are: to live by the highest ethical standards, safety and well-being, people and leaders and responsible and efficient use of resources. For more information, see Annual and Sustainability Report.


The materiality assessment includes the most material environmental, economic, safety, human rights, labor and ethical topics that we need to manage, monitor and communicate. It is the result of internal workshops and stakeholder dialogues, taking into account emerging trends and other input. Materiality assessment.