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Our Sustainability Approach

Sustainability KPI Wheel

Key performance indicators

Epiroc’s innovative spirit leads to the continuous development of highly energy- and resource-efficient products. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint in production as well as in the use of our products. Our people are our most valuable asset, and we offer safe working conditions and individual development opportunities. We live by the highest ethical standards and demand our business partners to do the same.

Epiroc believes in reduction of the environmental footprint across the value chain by taking a life cycle approach to innovation and focus on resource efficiency.

Epiroc requires all business partners to comply with the company’s values as expressed in the Code of Conduct. Business partners should sign and comply with the partner contract based on the UN Global Compact, ILO principles and rights at work as well as the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. The goal is that 100 % of significant suppliers commit to the values.

The Group strives to improve customer safety by providing equipment which is designed with the safety of the user in mind. Moreover, the development of autonomous and remote-controlled equipment significantly improves work safety since it removes operators away from hazardous areas.

A major shift in the mining equipment industry is the trend towards automation, interoperability and digitalization, as part of the emergence of intelligent mining, which is focused on cost reduction, productivity increases, performance-critical technologies and safety in the mining sector.
A higher level of automation reduces labor costs and health and safety risks. Mechanical rock excavation equipment can be automated and controlled remotely, increasing safety for employees. In addition, these machines increase efficiency of mining operations through easier scheduling and planning of excavation activities.

A talented workforce is essential to execute on Epiroc’s strategy. Epiroc has a long-term view on its recruiting to make sure that the Group has the right expertise and leadership competences. Epiroc encourages employees to try different positions, take on new challenges and continuously develop both through on-the-job training, personal education and courses.

Furthermore, Epiroc strives to have a diversified workforce in terms of nationality, gender, age, experience and education.

Business partners are assessed on parameters including key environmental, social and ethical performance potentially having an impact on all the relevant Sustainable Development Goals, and audits are made to follow up on compliance.