Our success is based on sustainability and a strong corporate culture

Sustainability is integrated in everything we do, and our innovation agenda goes hand in hand with our customers´ sustainability agenda.

Our focus areas

The four areas that we see as prioritized to achieve longterm success and that bring together the most significant material topics are:

• We use resources responsibly and efficiently

• We invest in safety & well-being

• We grow together with passionate people and courageous leaders

• We live by the highest ethical standards

Our focus areas

Access to metals and minerals is a prerequisite for modern society to function. Our customers in the mining and infrastructure industries are playing important roles in providing society with what is needed. It is however, evident that operations must be sustainable. That means operations that use low-carbon solutions, have minimal environmental impact, and provide a good working environment in a productive and cost-effective way. Through innovation – particularly within automation, digitalization and electrification - we are achieving measurable environmental and safety gains. We work in close collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions.


In the shift to a new, low-carbon economy where electrification, circularity, and development of new technologies, will play an important role, our products and services will be a key contributor for our customers.

Epiroc is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and we incorporate its ten principles on human and labor rights, environment and anti-corruption in our policies and approach to sustainability. We commit to address and integrate human rights in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. Our Code of Conduct (CoC) forms the basis for everything we do and it has been approved by the Epiroc's Board. All Epiroc employees, as well as our business partners, are expected to adhere to the CoC.


Our vision, Dare to think new, is a clear guide to what we want to achieve. We challenge our way of working, thinking and acting to find new and sustainable solutions in a rapidly changing world. We promote a creative environment where colleagues are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and collaborate across borders, i.e., inside and outside the company. We strive to attract and retain the best talent, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age as we are convinced that inclusive and diverse teams create better results.


We have policies and processes in place to guide our work with sustainability and corporate responsibility issues. In the Epiroc Code of Conduct, we have summarized our internal policy documents related to business ethics and social and environmental performance. Epiroc Code of Conduct.


The Sustainability Policy guides us in our work with sustainability issues Epiroc Group Sustainability Policy.pdf



Targets and key performance indicators

For each focus area there are a number of targets and key performance indicators to ensure that our business stays competitive, innovative and ethically sound. The priorities are set to ensure that we can capture opportunities while at the same time reducing the risks. The areas that capture our commitments are: to live by the highest ethical standards, safety and well-being, people and leaders and responsible and efficient use of resources. For more information, see Annual and Sustainability Report.


The materiality assessment includes the most material environmental, economic, safety, human rights, labor and ethical topics that we need to manage, monitor and communicate. It is the result of internal workshops and stakeholder dialogues, taking into account emerging trends and other input.


Our current material topics are listed in the illustration below.

Culture at Epiroc
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