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Water for All

Water for All is Epiroc’s main community engagement project, driven on the local level by our employees on a voluntary basis. A guiding principle is that access to clean water is a human right and the foundation for improved living conditions.
Woman in Water for All's project in Malawi, fetching water.

Water for All was founded by Epiroc employees in 1984 (Atlas Copco employees at the time) and from 2018 Epiroc and Atlas Copco run the organization together. Water for All is financed through employee donations that are matched by respective companies with twice the amount. The Peter Wallenberg Foundation is also an important contributor.


Water for All - Leaflet


In 2018, the organization helped 333 450 people get access to clean water and sanitation. In that year, 45 projects in 29 countries on five continents were carried out.


The projects completed in 2018 helped Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, school children in rural Mexico, farmers in India, and many more people around the world. One of the projects brought fresh water and sanitation to 19 villages in Malawi thanks to new water wells. Having water sources close to the villages means that young girls no longer need to walk long distances to fetch water, which typically is their task. This frees up time for them to go to school and build a future.


Since its foundation, Water for All has reached more than two million people.