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Switch from diesel to battery? This is how we accelerate the transformation




Battery machines not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They also significantly improve people’s working environment and reduce operation, service and maintenance costs.


Ventilation is one of the highest costs for many mining companies and by switching from diesel to electric, you can reduce the need for ventilation by roughly 50%. We at Epiroc drive the transformation by being a technology leader and having the most extensive range of battery-powered machines.



By 2025, 100% of our fleet will be available in an emission-free version


By 2030, We will also offer our full range of surface equipment in an emission-free version

Swappable batteries

Our battery electric range is powered by swappable batteries. A quick swap and you´re ready to go again

Prepared for automation

Thanks to the RCS, Rig Control System, our battery electric range is prepared for automation and remote control


Battery machines reduce the need for ventilation by 50%

Retrofit solutions

We can help you speed up the transition to battery-powered equipment through diesel-to-battery retrofit solutions


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