We support and strive for fair competition. Thus, we refuse to enter into discussions or agreements with competitors concerning pricing, output, bidding, deal terms, margins, allocation or division of markets, territories, or customers, whether or how to bid for business, boycotting any company and any other improper agreement or its representative.


We competes ethically and legally in the global marketplace. At no time may we engage in activities that unfairly limit free trade or competition.


In order to compete fairly, we must follow the antitrust and competition laws in place in the countries where we do business. These laws are designed to preserve a fair and level playing field for all businesses by prohibiting formal and informal agreements and practices that improperly restrain trade. To comply with these laws, we may never discuss with competitors activities that may restrain trade, such as price fixing, bid rigging, or improperly dividing or allocating markets, territories or customers.


No Epiroc employee may provide, receive or exchange any of the following types of information with a competitor or its representative, whether verbally in person, electronically, or in hard-copy and whether one-on-one or at a trade association or industry meeting):  prices; bids; lists of customers; lists or descriptions of territories; discounts or other terms of sale; production capacity or volume; output, costs, profits or margins; market share; sales, marketing or development strategies for products or services; or distribution methods and channels or any similar information.
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