Our approach to Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and corporate responsibility are truly integrated in Epiroc’s customer offerings and our business processes. We believe this to be fundamental for building a company to be well equipped to tackle future challenges and to embrace possibilities in a rapidly changing world.


We have policies and processes in place to guide our work with sustainability issues. Targets and key performance indicators have been set and are continuously followed up.


It is important for Epiroc to safeguard its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company, and the Company believes in creating value for all stakeholders. Being a trustworthy company also encompasses a strong commitment to respecting human rights and taking a clear stance against corruption.


A major shift in the mining equipment industry is the trend towards automation, interoperability and digitalization, as part of the emergence of intelligent mining, which is focused on cost reduction, productivity increases, performance-critical technologies and safety in the mining sector. A higher level of automation reduces labor costs and health and safety risks.


We have also developed long term 2030 sustainability goals.


When we succeed, we actively contribute to the achievement of the global UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Camilla Goldbeck Lowe

Vice President Sustainability

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