Business partners and responsible supply chain

For Epiroc, conducting business in a responsible manner is of great importance. Epiroc chooses to work with business partners who are standing behind the quality of the goods and services they are providing as well as are acting in accordance with high ethical standards and integrity. 

Business Partner Code of Conduct

The Epiroc Business Partner Code of Conduct is based on applicable law and internationally recognized principles for how companies should conduct business responsibly. Business partners to Epiroc must follow and live up to high ethical standards and integrity that Epiroc considers to be important.

Epiroc Prohibited and Declarable lists

Epiroc maintains lists of substances that are either prohibited or declarable due to their negative impact on health or the environment. Compliance with these lists is part of the Business Partner Code of Conduct.


We expect our business partners to adhere to these lists (lined below), as well as to any applicable national legislation and take following actions:

Phase-out list is shown as Annex B in both Prohibited and Declarable lists

Epiroc Conflict Minerals Policy

The Epiroc Conflict Minerals Policy is a policy regarding sourcing of natural minerals that may originate from conflict-affected or high-risk areas.
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