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Epiroc 2030 sustainability goals

Epiroc 2030 sustainability goals

Our 2030 sustainability goals help us ensure that our performance improves, and that the organization is aligned to tackle important challenges and opportunities head on.

We have set long-term 2030 sustainability targets within the areas of people and planet in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Key performance indicators are in place to ensure that our business stays competitive, innovative and ethically sound. To make sure we stay on track we will continue to measure progress with short-term goals as we have done in the past. 


To read more about our roadmap, progress and activities, see Annual and Sustainability report

People: healthy, safe, ethical
Planet: halve CO2 emission

President and CEO Helena Hedblom discussing Epiroc’s new sustainability goals for 2030

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