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Listing of Epiroc

On the Annual General Meeting on April 24, 2018 the shareholders in Atlas Copco decided to dividend out Epiroc. The first day of trading in Epiroc was June 18, 2018.
Atlas Copco has requested general guidelines from the Swedish Tax Agency regarding the allocation of tax basis between Atlas Copco and Epiroc shares. See the Swedish Tax Agency's guidelines regarding allocation of tax basis (only available in Swedish). For more information regarding certain tax considerations, see pages 115 – 119 of Epiroc’s listing prospectus

Listing of Epiroc, prospectus
  • 20180525 Download the Epiroc Prospectus 4.2 MB, PDF
  • 20180420 Invitation to Epiroc Capital Markets Day May 30, 2018 64.1 kB, PDF
  • 20180320 Information brochure Epiroc 1.4 MB, PDF
  • 20180223 Epiroc Capital Market Day on May 30, 2018 160.7 kB, PDF
  • 20171222 Atlas Copco announces three new members of the Board of Directors of Epiroc AB 265.9 kB, PDF
  • 20171114 Atlas Copco hosts Capital Markets Day 2017 295.6 kB, PDF
  • 20171114 Capital Markets Day 2017 Epiroc Split Update 1.3 MB, PDF
  • 20170905 Atlas Copco announces new members of the Board of Epiroc AB – the company planned to be listed in 2018 261.4 kB, PDF
  • 20170823 Atlas Copco announces the management team of Epiroc – the company planned to be dividended out in 2018 271 kB, PDF
  • 20170718 Per Lindberg appointed CEO of Epiroc, the company Atlas Copco plans to dividend out in 2018 291 kB, PDF
  • 20170615 Atlas Copco receives consent from noteholders 24.7 kB, PDF
  • 20170523 Atlas Copco to launch consent solicitation to certain noteholders 130.1 kB, PDF
  • 20170502 Atlas Copco announces Epiroc as name of the company to be dividended out in 2018 162.8 kB, PDF
  • 20170426 Ronnie Leten to be Chair of the new company that Atlas Copco will dividend out in 2018 326.6 kB, PDF
  • 20170116 Atlas Copco Board of Directors proposes to split the Group in 2018 352.2 kB, PDF
  • 20170116 Atlas Copco proposes to split the Group 428.1 kB, PDF
  • 20180517 Distribution and listing of Epiroc AB 273.5 kB, PDF