Parts & Services

Our three Parts & Services divisions provide a complete range of services with the aim of maximizing our customers’ productivity. The divisions focus on spare parts supply, professional service, support solutions and training. The main distribution centers are located in Sweden, United States and Singapore.

Here are a few examples of innovative offerings within parts and services

Rock drill service
Rock drills and rotation units are a core component in drilling equipment. To ensure the safest and most efficient operation, Epiroc offers a full line of support specific to these technologically advanced components. Read more here.
Service in the field
Service agreements and audits. Service agreements are individually tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements. In addition to different levels of service agreements, Epiroc also offers RigScan, an audit service that provides the customer with a real-time update of the running conditions and performance of mining and construction equipment. Read more here.
Midlife services
Midlife services is a flexible solution that extends the life span of mining and construction equipment. This rebuild results in maximum productivity and operating efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Read more here.
Custom Engineered Solutions is a unique way for customers to order everything from complete component replacement and quick plug-and-play to a redesigned, tailor-made upgrade or component adaption. Read more here.
Reman program
The Reman Program is an alternative to new components, local service exchange programs and repair and return service. It is an exchange-related sales transaction whereby the customer is required to return a used core to the local Epiroc company in exchange for a remanufactured component. Read more here.
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