Epiroc’s Surface division develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of rock drilling equipment and solutions for use in surface mining, construction, quarries, as well as water well applications worldwide. It also provides customers with exploration equipment, tooling and advanced orebody data analysis. The division has production in Sweden, the United States, Canada, China, India, Australia and South Africa. 

The products are known in the market for being on the cutting edge when it comes to productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. The division is world leading on surface automation, using the Epiroc 6th Sense solutions to enhance customers’ productivity and safety. 

Here are a few examples of the Surface division’s innovative offerings:

The new generation SmartROC D65 drill rig for quarrying and mining. Built to face the toughest conditions, the drill rig is loaded with intelligent features that will improve the customer’s operation, increase safety and boost productivity. The new efficient SmartROC D65 consistently delivers high-quality blast holes with accuracy and precision. It is loaded with smart features such as automated drilling and rod handling.  Read more about the SmartROC D65 here.
The Pit Viper 270 XC series blasthole drill rig. The Pit Viper 270 series, a mining industry staple, can now be configured with the XC package (where XC stands for eXtra Capacity) to provide a staggering 42.5 tons bit load capacity. The XC takes the industry-leading Pit Viper 270 series to another level of productivity and reliability. The result is the highest productivity and lowest total cost of ownership in the blasthole drilling industry in its class. Read more about the Pit Viper 270 XC series here.
Diamec Smart
The Diamec Smart series of underground core drilling rigs is equipped with an advanced Rig Control System, which enables automatic drilling from a safe distance. From the touch screen on the remote control panel, drilling parameters are easily set and the monitored. The Diamec Smart series can be equipped with a state of the art rod handling system that relieves the operator and eliminates many of the hazardous operations in the drilling process. The rig’s positioner makes it possible to drill in any direction, and the modularized design enables you to select the right configuration for your operation.
Operator Annie in the control room
The division offers some of the industry's most advanced automation solutions to improve safety, productivity and profitability in surface drilling operations. Within Epiroc 6th Sense surface solutions automation is divided into three areas: machine automation, process automation and systems integration. Machine automation includes automation tools and technology to optimize machine performance. Within process automation, automation technology and information systems enable seamless optimization. With systems integration, assets, information systems, and processes are integrated across the entire value chain. Read more about the 6th Sense solutions here.
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