Frequently asked questions

In order to give you an answers fast we have created this page. Below you find answers on the most common questions sent in to us. We are adding questions on an ongoing basis. If you do not find your question below, please contact us through email. 


Where can I find information about the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Information about the AGM is found under the subsection Corporate Governance, at the page Annual General Meeting.

When was Epiroc listed?

Epiroc’s shares were listed on Nasdaq Stockholm on June 18, 2018 at an opening price of SEK 88.0 and SEK 84.0, respectively (A and B share).

What are the financial goals of Epiroc?

1.    To achieve annual revenue growth of 8% over a business cycle and to grow faster than the market. Growth will be organic and supported by selective acquisitions.

2.    To have an industry-best operating margin, with strong resilience over the cycle.

3.    To provide long-term stable and rising dividends. The dividend should correspond to 50% of net profit over the cycle.

4.    To improve capital efficiency and resilience. Investments and acquisitions shall create value.

5.    To have an efficient capital structure and the flexibility to make selective acquisitions. The goal is to maintain an investment grade rating.

What is Epiroc’s dividend policy?

To provide long-term stable and rising dividends. The dividend should correspond to 50% of net profit over the cycle.

Read more about the dividend and redemption.

What is the difference between the A- and B-shares?

Epiroc has dual share classes. A shares entitle the owner to one vote while B shares entitle the owner to one tenth of a vote. A shares and B shares carry equal rights to a part of the company’s assets and profit.

Dual share classes are common in Sweden and represent a majority of the aggregate market capitalization of main market listed companies in Sweden.

The dual share classes are a governance mechanism which facilitates a stable, long-term investor base, while at the same time enabling high liquidity in the shares. According to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Sw. Svenskt Näringsliv) investors holding shares without multiple voting rights have solid protection under Swedish corporate law, including:

• a strong principle of equal and fair treatment of shareholders,

• qualified majority requirements for key material shareholder decisions,

• high degree of transparency,

• shareholder pre-emption rights on share issues, and minority powers to take specific action, including to request minimum dividends, minority auditors and special examiners. 

What is the "silent period"?

We do not arrange meetings with press, media, investors, analysts or other capital market actors for a period of 30 days prior to the publication of a quarterly report. We only address issues of a general nature during the silent/closed period. 

You can find updated information on reporting dates and silent period in our calendar.

Who are the largest shareholders in Epiroc?

Our largest owner is the Swedish investment company Investor AB. For a list of the largest shareholders, visit the page Shareholders.

I am interested in financial updates, how can I be added to the Epiroc distribution list?

For official press releases on results, large orders etc. To this one, you have to sign up yourself and accept an “opt-in” once registered. Please sign up for the service here:

How can I get a printed copy of the annual report?

You can order a printed copy by mailing us your request;

Purchasing value post the split from Atlas Copco when doing the Swedish tax declaration?

Of the acquisition cost for shares in Atlas Copco AB, series A or series B, 75% should be attributed to these shares and 25% to received shares in Epiroc AB, series A or series B.


I am a journalist – who should I contact?

Financial journalists and journalists for global trade media should contact Epiroc’s Media Relations Manager, Ola Kinnander, at  Local journalists around the world should contact Epiroc’s local communications manager; please see the list of local contacts here: Press contacts | Epiroc (

How do I subscribe to Epiroc’s press releases?

Visit this link to subscribe to Epiroc’s corporate press releases:   Corporate press releases do not include product news, which is handled by Epiroc’s divisions; if you are interested in product news, send a mail to, and we will forward your request to the right division.   

Can I use one of your photos?

Epiroc has an external media gallery, where photos and videos are available for external use, as long as the content is used for a legitimate purpose such as a media publication.  See the gallery here:

Work at Epiroc

Do you accept open job applications?

Because of GDPR we do not accept open applications, however you can find all our vacant jobs here.


Where do I find Epiroc’s media gallery?

You find the Media Gallery here: Media Gallery | Epiroc


For more information about our brand please visit Our brand | Epiroc 

Visitors and deliveries to our head office in Stockholm

Where do I park when I am visiting your head office in Stockholm?

Epiroc has a number of dedicated guest parking spaces just to the left of the building. You can also park at Sickla Köpkvarter, please see a map here. 


I want to write my university thesis within sustainability – is there a need for you?

The interest for writing about sustainability from a business angle has increased, a trend which we are very happy about. However, we do not have the capacity to accept all requests sent to us. Do not hesitate to share with us about your thesis and if we see a need, we will get back to you to. Send your e-mail to our Corporate Responsibility mailbox at

Where can we access your latest Sustainability report from 2023?

Our sustainability report is integrated in our Annual and Sustainability Report 2023. Access it here

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