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Board Committees

Audit committee

The Board of Directors has appointed an audit committee. The audit committee is responsible for monitoring the Company's financial reporting, risk management and internal control, as well as accounting and auditing. The audit committee also reviews and monitors the auditor's impartiality and independence.

The current audit committee consists of three members: Ulla Litzén (chairman of the audit committee), Anders Ullberg and Ronnie Leten.

Remuneration committee

The Board of Directors has appointed a remuneration committee. The remuneration committee's assignment is to handle matters regarding salaries and other terms of employment, pension benefits and bonus systems for the President and CEO and the executive management. The guidelines shall be revised annually.

The current remuneration committee consists of Ronnie Leten (chairman of the remuneration committee), Lennart Evrell and Johan Forssell.

Repurchase committee

The board of directors has appointed a repurchase committee. The repurchase committee will prepare and execute repurchases of own shares in accordance with the general meeting’s authoritzation of the board of directors to repurchase own shares.

The repurchase committee currently consists of Anders Ullberg (chairman of the repurchase committee) and Ronnie Leten.