Employee satisfaction

Employee engagement and satisfaction are pivotal to Epiroc’s success. Our commitment to a constructive feedback culture fosters continuous development for all—individual employees, teams, and the entire organization.
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“I am very pleased that the company always meets my needs... it is very important to me ”

~Epiroc employee comment in the My Voice survey

At Epiroc, our employee engagement survey is called My Voice. The survey is available in 38 languages. The purpose of this survey is to take the pulse on employees' engagement levels and get their views and inputs on topics of core interest to Epiroc, including Culture, Leadership, Communication and Collaboration. This is to enable discussion and agreement about our strengths and improvement areas. Our preferred framework to take action continues to be ACT:

  • Acknowledge where we are looking for results;
  • Collaborate with teams to figure out where we want to go;
  • Take one step forward to make progress.

My Voice 2023 Results Summary

We continue to see a high level of engagement in the latest My Voice Survey Results. The participation rate was 83%, which is well above the benchmark. In addition, employees submitted almost 12,000 comments in the survey, with 34% of people leaving at least one comment. This feedback gives us a very strong base for us to understand where we are and what we need to work on moving forward. It's really good to see overall high levels of employee satisfaction – higher than external benchmarks. Also that employees are motivated and see the work they do as being meaningful. At the same time, there are common areas for improvement – in particular, relating to feedback that helps improve performance, also when it comes to communication.

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