Our vision and beliefs

The world needs metals and minerals for the energy transition and our cities and infrastructure must be developed to serve a growing population. To succeed, we need to speed up the shift towards a more sustainable mining and construction industry. We at Epiroc accelerate this transformation. 

Our vision - Dare to think new

It all starts with people - United States

We challenge our way of working, thinking and acting to find new and sustainable solutions in a rapidly changing world. We see possibilities and dare to question the status quo.


We drive the productivity and sustainability transformation in our industry.

Our mission

Operator using Remote Control Unit (RRC) with SmartROC D50

Our mission is to drive the productivity and sustainability transformation in our industry.


As true entrepreneurs, we do this with speed, courage, curiosity and creativity.

We work side-by-side with our customers and the industries we choose to be in, combining our expertise and innovative spirit with a thorough understanding of their operations. This makes us an invaluable part of their business success.

Our proactive and collaborative approach to make good things better steers the development of our processes, enabling more efficient use of resources. This will secure a high-performing organization, where people flourish and we deliver sustainable business results.


Our brand promise is United in performance. Inspired by innovation.


With Epiroc as a dedicated partner, our customers get a passionate team that supports them in a sustainable, efficient and safe way.

No challenge is too big for our curiosity and persistence to increase their productivity, safety or sustainability.

We lift our customers’ competitive advantage with our continuous drive to make good things better, from high-performance equipment and service excellence to building the mining and construction industries of tomorrow.

Our core values - Innovation, commitment and collaboration

It all starts with people - United States

Our core values – innovation, commitment and collaboration - are a competitive advantage that help us maintain our leadership position, even in a changing environment.



We are creative and entrepreneurial and constantly seek to improve in everything we do. Our innovative spirit is part of who we are and a key method to achieve our goals.



We are committed to meet and exceed expectations by staying connected to all our stakeholders, technology and the environment.



We believe in close cooperation with customers, colleagues, partners and other stakeholders.

It all starts with people

It all starts with people - United States

At Epiroc our Employee Value Propositions are centred around caring, we care about our employees professional development, work environment, their individual benefit and the business rationale.


Epiroc is an inspiring place for growth. We are proud to see people, initiatives and the organization grow. As passionate innovators with courage for change, we build a better future for people and the planet. Our team stands for sustainable solutions as well as thought-leadership for the mining and construction world and beyond. All our work is driven by trust and collaboration, in a culture where everyone contributes and feels valued. In this way, we empower our people to make good things even better.


At Epiroc we make a difference and have fun! Read more on our Careers pages

Accelerate the transformation