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Our vision and beliefs

At Epiroc we strive to be customers’ first choice.
We are a leading, reliable global productivity partner to our customers.
At Epiroc we are fast to recognize new trends and discover new ideas. We quickly get new solutions to market and adapt to changes in customers’ needs. We love to work with advanced technology and highly efficient products.

Our world is changing and we have the ambition to become the leader in automation. We boldly drive a vision for a future of digital automation, as this will enhance productivity, energy efficiency and safety for the customers. As such, we are investing in making mining smarter.

Our brand promise is strong: United in performance. Inspired by innovation.

Innovation, commitment and collaboration

Sustainability, future generations
Our core values – innovation, commitment and collaboration - are a competitive advantage that help us maintain our leadership position, even in a changing environment. They formed our past, created our present, and will guide our future.

Innovation is a significant attribute of Epiroc. We are creative and entrepreneurial and constantly seek to improve in everything we do. Our innovative spirit is part of who we are and a key method to achieve our goals.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations on partnership and productivity. We always work hard to understand customers’ needs, and earn their trust through industry-leading quality and reliability.

We believe in close collaboration with customers, business partners, colleagues and other stakeholders. Our working culture is service minded and action oriented, with a strong devotion to customers.