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Our innovation department has 18000 employees

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Everyone who works with us can change what the future mining and construction industry will look like. We have 18000 colleagues in 150 countries. They are economists, engineers, marketers and many others. But whatever the role, we are all responsible for the company's innovation and our commitment to accelerate the transformation in our industry. 


The person working closest to the problem often has the best solution. Therefore, we encourage our employees to take on responsibility, be open-minded, inclusive, and last but not least, dare to think new.

Everyone has a platform to make themselves heard

To make things happen, we have a global innovation program called "Foster", where everyone can make themselves heard and there are opportunities to push their ideas forward. The program is available to everyone, regardless of their role. Since its inception, we have attracted and incubated hundreds of ideas. Many of these ideas have been successfully transformed into innovations with clear customer value.
The whole purpose of "Foster" is that it should be easy to submit your idea, so that we ensure a continuous stream of creative inputs. Each contribution is evaluated by experts, who assess the potential based on various aspects such as environmental improvements, increased productivity, cost savings, potential for increased revenue, and more. The program is completely transparent, and all employees can see the submitted ideas.

Example of product development through Foster program

Improved tipping heights on Scooptram ST1030 underground loader

Product Specialist Kailash Vairagi
Kailash Vairagi, Product Specialist Low profile dump trucks from India, noticed that the Scooptram ST1030's limited tipping height made it less appealing than competitors' models to customers needing to load 30-ton mining trucks. He recognized this disadvantage and proposed a solution that improved the Scooptram ST1030's functionality, aligning it more closely with market demands. Kailash's approach to solving the problem—by identifying a critical shortfall of the Scooptram ST1030 and proposing a solution—demonstrates a proactive and innovative mindset. His idea is today successfully implemented.
Scooptram ST1030
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