Diversity and Inclusion at Epiroc: Shaping Careers, Empowering Talents

We celebrate individuality and foster a workplace where everyone's unique contributions are valued. Dive into our journey of creating an inclusive culture and unlocking the full potential of every team member. Your story is a part of ours, and together we build a workplace that thrives on diversity and equality. Welcome to Epiroc, where your uniqueness is not only acknowledged but celebrated. Because it all starts with people, people like you.
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All new thinkers are welcome.

We are proud of our vision "Dare to think new". It is a clear guide to what we want to achieve and shows we are not satisfied with following others. 

At Epiroc, we recognize that true innovation flourishes in an environment that embraces diverse perspectives, and our commitment extends beyond mere acknowledgment. Join us on a journey where we transcend boundaries, challenge norms, and elevate our organizational ethos to new heights of inclusivity.

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An inclusive workplace that allows people to thrive.

We are constantly making efforts to increase diversity. Epiroc’s diversity approach is holistic and comprises all diversity dimensions. We are not just looking at how we can attract and hire more diverse talent, but how we can retain that talent.

Inclusion is foundational for the Epiroc culture - without an inclusive work culture, diversity will not bring desired advantages. Epiroc is a global company, diversity is, therefore, a fact for us. We want all our people to have a strong sense of belonging. As we work in diverse teams across geographies, cultures, and professional areas, inclusive behavior is something we expect from ourselves and each other. We are always looking for ways to strengthen our inclusive culture.

Our global team is made up of more than 18,000 employees from 120 nationalities, a vivid picture of our diversity of cultures, talents and backgrounds that shape our dynamic workforce.  We are continuously growing by our acquired companies and new investments.

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Taking Inclusion & Diversity to the next level

We are embarked on a transformative journey, a task led by our dedicated Global Inclusion and Diversity Booster, Lía Ascacibar. This role has the mission to support the Epiroc organization in developing and maintaining a diverse talent pool and creating an inclusive work environment where Epiroc employees can thrive and contribute fully to the company's success.

“Embracing Inclusion and Diversity in our organization opens doors to equal opportunities, enabling each member of our team to contribute their best. These I&D principles create an environment where all individual’s unique talents and perspectives are not only acknowledged but celebrated, driving innovation, collaboration and sustainable success for all of us”, says Lía.

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