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Innovation in focus

To remain a technology leader, we dare to think new when it comes to innovation. We invest more than ever in R&D, promote an innovative culture, and collaborate with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. 
Innovation is in our DNA, and we are a leader in the three strong technology trends that shape our industry: digitalization, automation, and electrification. These trends go a long way to strengthen customers’ safety and productivity, while lowering emissions and total cost of operation. A vast majority of our innovation efforts lies within these three technology areas. 
Simba Automation operator at station


We provide digital solutions that – among other things – optimize fleet management and ore production, provide visibility of people and machines underground, collect machine performance data, and help avoid vehicle collisions.


Mining automation has many benefits, with the most important being that it brings people away from potentially dangerous situations in mines.  We make automation work at scale, including providing automation kits for mixed fleets, wireless communication, and control systems. 


Switching from diesel to battery-electric machines comes with many benefits, including lowering emissions and ventilation costs, and providing a better work environment for operators with less noise, heat, vibrations and fumes.  We accelerate customers' electrification journey by offering best-in-class electric vehicles, diesel-to-battery conversion kits, power network infrastructure, charging solutions, and much more.
An Epiroc Boomer face drilling rig with the battery highlighted

An Epiroc Boomer face drilling rig with the battery highlighted

Collaborations for success

In a world where technology is growing increasingly complex, it is impossible to everything by yourself.   That is why our relentless focus on innovation also extends beyond what we do ourselves to collaborations with customers, suppliers, universities, and other partners.

We are involved in several joint-industry development projects, such as the European Union project NEXGEN SIMS. This project, coordinated by Epiroc, brings together mining companies, equipment and system manufacturers and universities that together work toward a more sustainable and efficient carbon-neutral mining operation.

Another collaboration example is with Orica, a leading provider of explosives systems, for the development of semiautomatic explosive charging systems – an effort that will strengthen mine safety.  We also collaborate with telecom company Ericsson for 5G networks in mines, and steelmaker SSAB for fossil-free steel for our equipment.  Just to name a few examples.


Partnership is the new leadership.   

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