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The rapid growth of urban populations has become one of the defining challenges of our time. By 2050, about 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, up from 57% today. 
The latest projections by the United Nations suggest that the global population could hit 8.5 billion in 2030 and nearly 10 billion in 2050. At the same time, more people migrate from rural areas to cities in search of better opportunities. This, of course, intensifies the strain on urban infrastructure and resources.

*Source UN

One of the primary challenges is the increasing demand for housing. As urban populations swell, the need for affordable and adequate housing becomes critical. Governments and city planners must prioritize the development of affordable housing initiatives and implement effective urban planning strategies to accommodate the growing population.


Transportation infrastructure is another major challenge. As cities expand, traffic congestion worsens, resulting in longer commuting times, increased pollution, and decreased productivity. Building efficient and reliable public transportation systems, promoting the use of alternative modes of transportation, and adopting smart city technologies are vital for alleviating congestion and improving the overall quality of life in urban areas.

Sustainable urbanization is key to successful development


To meet these challenges, we need to speed up the shift towards a more efficient and safe construction industry with less environmental impact. We at Epiroc accelerate this transformation with advanced construction equipment, tunneling expertise and automation technologies. 

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