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Most people say that three things are transforming our industry. We say it’s four




When you read about our industry, many claim that there are three major things that are fundamentally transforming the mining and construction industry.


First, the shift from diesel to electrification. Second, there is digitalization which is resulting in increased productivity and more sustainable use of resources. The third thing is automation, which will also increase productivity and change the way we work.


But what many forget is the fourth aspect: the people behind the innovations. For us it all starts with people. We are proud of our vision, “Dare to think new”. It is a clear guide to what we want to achieve and shows we are not satisfied with following others.


Innovation is an essential part of our DNA. One key to keeping ahead is our work with diversity and inclusion, because it helps us to develop fresh ideas and innovative solutions.


We strive to nurse a culture where we trust each other. We want all our people to have a strong sense of belonging to create an environment where we dare to try new things and are not afraid to fail.

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