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Under this section we gather blogs and podcasts from around the Epiroc world. There are links to each local page so you can easily see the latest updates. Please note that this media is produced locally and in local language only. Welcome!

Blog The digital transformation zone

We're here to talk about all topics regarding digital transformation of mining. Dive in with us as we explore the ins and outs of this theme, sharing interesting analyses and insights from experts. Our goal? To arm you with the know-how and strategies you need to conquer the ever-changing world of digital innovation and automation in mining. Let's embark on this journey together!

Welcome to The Digital Transformation zone

Blog from Canada

With branches all over the country, Epiroc Canada assists coustomers with innovative solutions in surface and underground mining and rock excavation.


On our blog we will keep you updated and you can follow Epirocs exciting projects in Canada.


Welcome to Mining & Construction Canada!

Blog from the US

Epiroc USA has introduced the Mining and Construction USA blog. Here you will discover vibrant content designed to help customers increase productivity, safety, and cost efficiency. You will also read about how to use latest advancements in technology to their full potential.


Welcome to Mining and Construction USA!

Podcast from Sweden


Borrmästarpodden ("The Drill Master Podcast") is a podcast in Sweden hosted by Epiroc's drill master Stefan Löfdahl and Johanna Paues Darlington, editor of Epiroc's Bitz Magazine. Each episode covers a different topic in rock drilling, with Epiroc experts sharing initiatives, advice, safety and innovations that can help operations maximize their skills and become true drill masters. Find it where you normally listen to podcasts.


You can find more information here togheter with the latest episode.  (the podcast is in Swedish).  Welcome!

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