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Acquisitions and divestments

To grow faster than the market with an industry-best margin is what we mean by outperformance. We can achieve this with our exposure to attractive niches, a strong foundation, and a strategy focusing on innovation, aftermarket and operational excellence. Of course, embedded in our strategy is also to create options for the future. For example by making acquisitions.
Our key criteria for acquisitions are stand-alone attractiveness, strategic fit, synergies, and the potential to become or remain number 1 or 2 in the market. Acquisitions will primarily be made in, or close to, our core businesses. We look to acquire businesses that can enhance our technology leadership, our presence in the market and/or our enhance our technology leadership,

In the list below you will find acquisitions made since 2012. Please click on the company name to view the press release.

* Annual revenues and number of employees at time of acquisition. For distributors, revenues are not disclosed. For divestments, latest reported annual revenues are given.
**Not consolidated