Our Total Rewards Package

It all starts with people. To accelerate the transformation in the energy transition and build a sustainable society, we must attract, motivate, develop and retain the right individuals. As part of this commitment, we strive to offer a competitive total rewards package to both our current and future employees.

Base Salary

We recognise that competitive base salaries are essential. We offer more than just a paycheck; we strive for financial stability, growth potential, and a commitment to fair compensation. 

Variable Compensation

Our *variable compensation goes beyond fixed salaries, offering an opportunity for higher earnings tied to individual, team, or company-wide achievements. 


*The set-up differs between countries and teams. 


Work Life Balance (or we like to say Life Balance)

Flexible Culture

At our company, we aspire to be a modern, attractive, inclusive, and digitally-enabled organization. Our people collaborate to achieve sustainable business results, daring to think innovatively and adapting for improvement. Guided by our values, we foster a culture of mutual trust and freedom with accountability. Our approach to *flexible hybrid working is an ongoing process, continuously evaluated and adjusted as we discover better ways of working—whether in the office or remotely. We recognize that work-life balance is essential for our employees’ well-being. By embracing possibilities and leveraging new technologies, we prioritize both physical and mental health. Additionally, we emphasize clear definitions of responsibilities to ensure effective outcomes.


*The set up differs between countries and teams. We encourage you to explore this with your future leaders during the interview process

Global Parental Leave Policy

Have you heard of our gender-neutral global parental leave policy, called “When Life Transforms”? This offers at least, 12 weeks of paid parental leave to everyone, across Epiroc.

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