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Strengths and goals

A unique combination of strengths defines Epiroc and is the foundation to remain successful in a competitive global market within the mining and infrastructure industry. We are proud of our 148-year heritage in this business. The foundation for success is a combination of our strengths and our strategy that focuses on attractive niches with the goal to outperform.

Strength 1: We are a leading productivity and sustainability partner in attractive niches

We offer productivity solutions for hard rock applications and operate in selected attractive niches of the global mining and infrastructure equipment and services markets. We are always close to our customers with sales in more than 150 countries.

Strength 2: We have a high proportion of recurring business

Aftermarket is an integral part of our offering to safeguard safety and high productivity for our customers. We supply spare parts and consumables, professional services, support solutions and training. 

Strength 3: We drive the future in intelligent mining and infrastructure

We believe that technologies such as automation, interoperability and electrification are the future. Our passionate people drive, in close collaboration with customers, continuous innovation to provide safe and sustainable solutions that lead to higher productivity and lower costs for our customers. 

Strength 4: We have a strong and proven operating model

We have a focused and decentralized business with the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in demand. Our resilience builds on a high degree of direct sales, a strong services business and a flexible manufacturing philosophy.


  • Focused and decentralized business
    • Quick and efficient decision-making
  • High degree of direct sales and services
    • ~85% direct sales
  • Strong services business
    • Aftermarket 68% of revenue in 2020
  • Flexible manufacturing philosophy
    • 75% of product cost for equipment is purchased 
  • Sharp focus on innovation
    • Leadership in automation, digitalization and battery

Strength 5: We create value for our stakeholders

We create value for our stakeholders by conducting a responsible business while aiming to achieve sustainable profitable growth. A responsible business is fundamental in our customer offering and helps us attract and keep motivated employees.



Financial goals

Sustainability goals and KPI’s

We drive the future in intelligent mining and infrastructure. Innovative, safe and sustainable solutions for increased productivity are key for us. This means leveraging innovation to achieve environmental and safety gains. It means selecting the right people and building a respected brand and reputation. It means observing the highest safety and environmental standards both in our own and our customers’ operations and allowing a strong ethical compass to guide our decisions.


Epiroc has four prioritized areas within sustainability: We live by the highest ethical standards; We invest in safety and well-being; We grow together with passionate people and courageous leaders; We use resources responsibly and efficiently. For each focus area there are a number of targets and key performance indicators to ensure that our business stays competitive, innovative and ethically sound. The priorities are set to ensure that we can capture opportunities while at the same time reducing the risks.


Epiroc 2030 sustainability goals

We have set long-term 2030 sustainability targets within the areas of people and planet in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To make sure we stay on track we will continue to measure progress with short-term goals (above) as we have done in the past. 

Safety and Health

  • No work-related injuries

Balanced workforce

  • Double the number of women in operational roles

Ethical: Walk the talk

  • Have all employees and business partners comply with our Code of Conduct
  •  Responsible Sales Assessment Process implemented

Halve CO2 emissions

  • Halve CO2 emissions in operations 
  • 90% renewable energy in own operations
  • Halve CO2 emissions from transport
  • Offer a full range of emission-free products
  •  Halve CO2 emissions from machines sold
  •  Require 50% reduction of CO2 emissions from relevant suppliers

You can find more information in our sustainability section.

Epiroc goals