Career and Learning

Within Epiroc, we are striving for a culture of continuous learning. That means, learning happens everywhere, all the time, and it is up to you to grab the opportunity when it comes along! We have a company filled with passionate people with amazing skills and competencies. It is when we collaborate with each other, listen and get inspiration on how others are solving problems, handling situations or managing processes that we can innovate and change our own perspectives.


Often we say that learning is 70 % of that knowledge sharing between colleagues, 20 % coaching and mentoring and 10 % formal training. It is with this in mind, that we design our learning journeys and build our ecosystem. For the formal 10 %, we have a system called MyLearning. Here you can find videos, e-learnings, classroom trainings and large programs/learning journeys. You can also see what others are learning, through playlists and by seeing the popular courses that others are taking within the company.

Breakdown of Training Hours for 2023

Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Programs

The Epiroc Leadership Portfolio - Empowering Leaders on Every Level of the Company

The Epiroc Leadership Portfolio is a comprehensive collection of specialized leadership training programs designed to support managers and leaders at every level of the company. Programs are tailored to equip the participants with the mindset and essential skills required to navigate the challenges and complexities of their leadership journey and prepare them for the next step.


Enhancing business performance

The Portfolio enhances leadership effectiveness at each managerial level, leading to improved team performance, increased employee engagement, and improved business results. By empowering managers, the Leadership Portfolio contributes to the overall success and growth of the organization, fostering a culture of inclusive leadership, innovation, and continuous improvement.


Nurture leadership talents

This set of programs serves as talent development and succession development tools, ensuring a pipeline of capable leaders within the organization. It nurtures the growth of high-potential managers, preparing them to take on more significant responsibilities in the future.


Growing impactful network

The Leadership Portfolio aim to foster a culture of inclusive leadership throughout the organization. It encourages managers to embrace their roles as mentors and coaches, promoting collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and continuous learning.

Programs provide a comprehensive understanding of Epiroc leadership expectations, principles, strategies, and techniques through the Leadership Portfolio training and enable leaders to navigate change, drive innovation, and effectively respond to market dynamics. The Portfolio is a robust and holistic program under constant development. It aims to support managers and leaders on every level to excel in their leadership roles. Programs are regularly reviewed to fit the future needs of Epiroc.

Accelerate the transformation