We Care

At Epiroc, our values revolve around caring. We prioritize our employees’ professional development, foster a positive work environment, and consider both their individual well-being and the business rationale.

Epiroc is an inspiring environment for growth. We take pride in witnessing the development of individuals, initiatives, and the entire organization. As passionate innovators, we embrace change and work toward a brighter future for both people and the planet. Our team champions sustainable solutions and thought leadership in the mining and construction industry and beyond. Trust and collaboration drive all our efforts within a culture where everyone’s contributions are valued. Through this approach, we empower our people to enhance positive outcomes.


Our EVPs, our commitment to competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits packages, and our strong belief in work-life balance enable us at Epiroc to make a meaningful impact while enjoying the journey!


We firmly believe that it all starts with people—people like you. 

Accelerate the transformation