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A 151-year-old start-up with deep roots in the mining and construction industries.

Epiroc is a young brand with a remarkable legacy in mining and construction industries; it's a meticulously crafted identity designed to resonate deeply with our diverse stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, investors, and society. We recognize the importance of presenting a unified image, ensuring that our brand evokes the same essence of innovation, courage, and reliability to everyone who interacts with it.


We proudly present ourselves as courageous industry leaders, infusing every communication with a vibrant energy and a resolute brand positioning.


We dare to think new, and this vision guides us in our journey towards productivity and sustainability transformation. This means we foster innovative thinking in our teams and always challenge the way we, and the industries we serve, do things.


We invest in sustainability initiatives, advocating responsible business practices and striving to minimize ecological footprint. Through these efforts, we strengthen our brand, nurturing trust and loyalty among our stakeholders by consistently delivering value and demonstrating a commitment to shared goals of progress and sustainability.

In essence, our brand is about cultivating a strong connection with all our stakeholders, embodying innovation, and accelerating the transformation to shape the future of industries we work with.

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Brand guidelines

Our brand guidelines act as a guardian of our business, ensuring a cohesive visual identity, a distinctive tone of voice, and a resilient brand personality that sets us apart, support our positioning and reinforce our commitment to driving productivity and sustainability transformation. 


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Epiroc’s view on lobbying

Epiroc plays a vital role in society at large, and as such we may be affected by various government actions.  However, Epiroc’s general policy is to not be actively and directly engaged in lobbying actions related to governments. Instead, we are a member of selected industry trade associations, such as SveMin in Sweden, and we are also member of certain government-led partnerships, notably in the EU, that aim to promote safety and energy efficiency within our industry.  We continuously monitor regulatory developments relevant to our industry and operations.  
Image Evgenia Kulikova
Evgenia Kulikova

Group Brand & Communications Manager

Karin Cox, Vice President Brand & Communications
Karin Cox

Vice President Brand & Communications

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