The energy transition is at the top of the agenda. That’s why we go further down.





Clean energy technologies – from wind turbines and solar panels, to electric vehicles and battery storage – require a wide range of minerals and metals. As a result, underground mining continues to progress to deeper levels in order to tackle the increasing demand for minerals.

From robot dogs and underground drones to self-driving electric behemoths

Want to have a glimpse of the future of mining? Watch this deep-talk.


Deep mining on depths of 2,000 meters or lower carries considerable challenges

The conditions are extreme, with high temperature, high water pressure and high stress. Complex challenges need a pragmatic approach. Together with our customers and partners, we accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable mining at great depths by creating a carbon dioxide-free, digitalized and autonomous underground mine.

We are investing more than we have ever done in R&D

To increase safety, we need to remove workers from the inherent dangers of working underground. For example, we offer fully autonomous machines so that the operator can avoid exposure to dangerous environments. 



We need to ensure minimum impact on the planet. One example is that we are committed to transforming our offering to a fully emission-free fleet by 2030 and for underground by 2025. 



We are also investing heavily in digitalization. In 2021 we acquired eight companies, most of which were software companies. The vision is to have all relevant information flowing in real-time between all the machines, people and facilities to make better and faster decisions in all situations. 

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