We do not tolerate bribes and corruption. Bribing is offering, providing, authorizing, requesting, accepting or receiving of a financial or other advantage in order to encourage performance or non-performance, or to misuse a person´s position. The policy applies to all entities and employees within the Epiroc Group. In addition, we also expect the same high ethical standards from our business partners with regards to anti-corruption and we have a procedure in place which requires us to conduct risk assessments and due diligence of new distributors and intermediaries.

At Epiroc, bribery is never permitted. We may never engage in bribery and must follow all applicable anticorruption laws and regulations, in the countries where we operate. We must also avoid any actions that may create the appearance of improperly influencing someone. This means we may not:


–      Directly or indirectly offer, authorize, promise or give bribes, kickbacks, payoffs, other payments or favors for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business

–      Directly or indirectly request, agree to receive or accept favors, kickbacks, payoffs, or other payments in connection with Epiroc business

We are all subject to anti-corruption laws governing the exchange of business courtesies in the many countries in which we conduct business. We must always avoid situations where business courtesies (meaning providing anything of value, including cash, entertainment, meals, social events, sporting events, favors, gratuities, discounts and services) could expose Epiroc or those of us involved to legal or reputational harm.        


We may never attempt to circumvent these rules by using our personal funds or by engaging an agent or representative to pay for any business courtesy that we cannot pay for ourselves. The guidelines in this program also govern the actions of our agents and representatives. 

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