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Academia for sustainable education

In a move to contribute towards the United Nations Sustainability Goal number four of Quality Education, Epiroc has set its sights on a global initiative to reshape the landscape of mining education. 

The complexity in mining has highlighted the need to accelerate the implementation of new technologies, such as connectivity, interoperability, automation, digitalization of processes, data analytics, and electrification. As a result, professionals in our industry need to adapt to the new requirements of the mining operations. New profiles and skills are needed.


Recognizing these challenges, Epiroc is committed to generate the change that the mining industry needs through education of the current and future generations of professionals, in collaboration with academia. One of the most effective formulas to attain such educated professionals is the Company-University Chair model, promoted by Epiroc. The first Epiroc-University partnership began with Epiroc Iberia in 2018 and later expanded to include the Epiroc Andean Region in 2021, forming the Epiroc – University Hub-and-Spokes Network.


Now, Epiroc aims to take this strategic project for sustainability and community engagement worldwide. We will forge partnerships with universities, bridging the gap between mining industry and academia for sustainable education with an opportunity to develop research programs with universities worldwide, in collaboration with the International Council of Mining and Metals.

Community Engagement
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