The Epiroc Mine

Under Epiroc's head office in Sickla, Stockholm, Sweden, you find the Epiroc Mine. The tunnels are more than 3.5 kilometers long, and in total the mine space is 17 000 square meters.

The Epiroc Mine is an active testing mine with two full-time employees, located a quick elevator ride down from Epiroc AB's headquarters. We have tunnels at 20, 40 and 48 meters depth. 


The rock is a mixture of granite and gneiss, so called "Stockholmsgranit", one of the hardest rock formations. It is believed to have been created more than 1.9 billion years ago. 


Since 1938, thousands of hours have been dedicated to putting our machines to the hardest of tests and quality controls in our mine. 

Information for visitors to the mine

If you visit our mine, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • At Epiroc we put safety first. Visitiors are only welcome on invitation and with an educated guide.
  • All guests will be registered. 
  • Always wear a helmet when you enter the Epiroc Mine Exhibition area. A helmet will be provided to you upon arrival.
  • Listen to your guide and follow the instructions during the whole visit.
  • Wear proper shoes - no high heels or open toes. 
  • Public access will not be given to the mine´s test area.


Please take photos during your visit in the mine. If you publish on social media, please use the #epirocmine hashtag.



In 1938 the creation of the mine started. The initial idea was to create a bomb shelter, but the company soon realized the value of having a test mine close to the production facilities.


In celebration of Atlas Copco's 125th anniversary in 1998, the mine was renovated, and an auditorium located 20 meters underground was opened.


In 2023, Epiroc updated the Epiroc Mine Exhibition and reopened the mine. Pictures from the event are shown below. 

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