To create a better future, we are happy to sell fewer new machines



A better future

The world's population is growing exponentially, with 1.3 million people moving to a city every week. This will place enormous demands on our cities, on their infrastructure and on our ability to build sustainably. 
To succeed in building smart cities, we need to leave no stone unturned. One example of an improvement is the ability to give your rigs and other machines a new life - something that brings both environmental and economic benefits.

Midlife service extends the life of your existing fleet

In fact, our Midlife service concept can double the lifespan. You can get all the guarantees of a new machine. You can add service contracts as on a new machine. You can even upgrade it with the latest technology. Extending the life of an existing machine is not only good from a sustainability point of view. It is also much more economical than buying a new machine. Midlife service can be done on all your Epiroc machines.
Qoute Skanska

See how construction company Skanska extended the life of one of their rigs.

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