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18000 colleagues. And just as many opportunities for new ideas

We believe that the person working closest to the problem often has the best solution. Everyone who works with us can change what the future mining and construction industry will look like. For example, we have a global program for idea management where all employees, regardless of their role, can submit, nurture, and

evaluate their ideas.


Working with us, you get 18000 colleagues in more than 150 countries. We are all different, but we also have many things in common. One example is our commitment to providing the best solutions to accelerate the transformation toward a more productive and sustainable industry. Innovation is key to this. To foster innovation and creativity, we encourage our employees to take on responsibility, be open-minded, inclusive, and last

but not least, dare to think new.

Everyone has a platform to make themselves heard

Another essential part of our culture is that everyone has a platform to make themselves heard and there are opportunities for pushing their ideas forward.


“All divisions have different systems for collecting ideas, which everyone can contribute to. There is also a joint employee innovation program called “Foster”, which is accessible to everyone, regardless of their role, and aims to make innovation everyone’s job. Since its inception, this idea management framework, through the “Ideas At Epiroc” interface, has collected hundreds of ideas every year. Many of these ideas have been successfully transformed into innovations with clear customer value” says Sisirnath Sangireddy, Founder of the Foster program and Global Innovation Enabler at Epiroc.

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