Epiroc to utilize mandates to repurchase and sell shares

May 9, 2019 18:25 CEST

Stockholm, Sweden: The Board of Epiroc AB has decided to use the mandates granted by the Annual General Meeting for the repurchase and sale of shares at one or more occasions until the next Annual General Meeting.
The mandates cover:
1) The acquisition of not more than 3,250,000 series A shares, whereof a maximum of 3,150,000 may be transferred to option holders under the performance based personnel option plan 2019.
2) The acquisition of not more than 30,000 series A shares, later to be sold on the market in connection with payment to Board members who have opted to receive synthetic shares as part of their remuneration.
3) The sale of not more than 15,000 series A shares to cover costs related to previously issued synthetic shares to Board members.
4) The sale of a maximum 7,900,000 series A and series B shares currently held by the company, for the purpose of covering costs of fulfilling obligations related to the performance based personnel option plans 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Repurchases and sales are subject to market conditions, regulatory restrictions and the capital structure at any given time.

The number of issued shares is presently 1,213,738,703 whereof 823,765,854 series A shares and 389,972,849 series B shares.

For more information please contact: 
Jörgen Ekelöw, Senior Vice President General Counsel 
+46 10 755 0108
Ola Kinnander, Media Relations Manager
+46 70 347 2455

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