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Frequently asked questions and answers

Q1: Why are the shares in Epiroc distributed?

The Board of Directors of Atlas Copco believes that long-term shareholder value will be created by splitting the current group into two companies and by distributing the shares and listing Epiroc.

Q2: What are the terms and conditions for the distribution?

Registered shareholders of Atlas Copco on the record date for distribution of shares are untitled to receive on the share in Epiroc, for no consideration, for each share held of the same share class in Atlas Copco.

Q3: Do I need to take any actions in order to receive the distributed share?

No, registered (directly registered or nominee registered) shareholders of atlas Copco on the record date for distribution will automatically receive shares in Epiroc.

Q4: When is the record day for distribution?

The record date has been set to June 14, 2018.

Q5: When will the prospectus be published and where can I find it?

A prospectus, which will contain information about Epiroc and the risks associated with an investment in Epiroc's shares, is panned to be published by the end of May 2018. The prospectus will be available for downloading at Atlas Copco's, Epiroc's and SEB's webpages and can also be obtained in paper format from Atlas Copco's, Epiroc's and SEB's offices.

Q6: Will the distribution cause any tax consequences for shareholders?

For shareholders who are physically resident in Sweden or limited liability companies registered in Sweden, the distribution is not expected to lead to any immediate taxation due to the application of the Lex ASEA rules. Persons who receive a cash payment from Epiroc in the future or decide to divest their shares in Epiroc will be taxed in Sweden in accordance with the tax rules that apply to such transactions.

By applying the Lex ASEA rules, withholding tax is not expected to be charged in Sweden for foreign shareholders when the shares in Epiroc are distributed, but may be charged on future cash payments. The distribution of Epiroc, future cash payments and divestments of shares in Epiroc will be taxed in accordance with the rules in the shareholder's country of domicile. Any double taxation that arises may be eliminated by applying the relevant tax treaty between Sweden and the country in question.

Q7: How can we ask further questions?

Questions related to financial matters can be redirected to or For any other questions, please call the telephone number stated below.

Questions regarding the distribution are answered by telephone: +46(0)8-518 01 553 The information brochure can be ordered:

  • Via e-mail to

  • Per telephone +46(0)8-518 01 553 

  • The information brochure can also be downloaded from Epirocs website under Listing of Epiroc