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"I had the opportunity to grow in the company and conquer my space."

I work as Business Development Manager in Brazil. My responsibility is to develop business with a focus on Construction and Contractors in the Brazilian market, conquering a larger share of this market. 

Rosana Rodrigues, Business Development Manager

Epiroc is a company that values and invests in their employees and provides opportunities for growth. I believe that you must prepare yourself to have professional growth, despite the company providing opportunities. I had the opportunity to grow in the company, conquering my space, through my commitment, my search for challenges and the search for inspiring leadership.


I held several positions at Epiroc since I started working in the company. When I worked as Sales Manager we managed to grow business in Brazil through our work and commitment.


When the opportunity to become a Business Line Manager for Surface market appeared, I applied for this position and achieved it. And through hard work with responsibility and commitment, I conquered the market through sustainable growth, increasing our efficiency and profitability. And now in my current role I am working focused and committed to achieve another goal in my career. One of the most challenging things in my job is to be a leader that inspires through good examples and actions.

“If it weren't for all the experiences and opportunities I had during my career, I would never be where I am today”

Rosana Rodrigues

Working in a global company

Working in a global company, in my opinion, is learning every day and getting experience on the job. In a global company, your view of the world is broadened, it expands your horizons through new cultures and provides you with an understanding of the different needs to adapt and prepare to face new challenges.

Fun at work

Although work requires seriousness and commitment most of the time, it is possible to have fun with colleagues and have a moment to relax with them. In fact, good interaction and fun at also inside the office is very good for productivity and for the motivation of an entire team. Moments when you escape from stress can be essential to retain talent and improve the quality of the company's human resources.


Sharing fun stories with my colleagues, a fun movie I've watched, or some fun situation, helps to deepen the bonds of friendship and empathy between employees in a company.

Work-life balance

Being able to balance work and leisure is not important, it is essential. It's not easy! We need to have a lot of discipline to give us balance. During the week it is difficult to reconcile this balance. I try to include free time in my schedule, seek leisure that is adequate in my daily life, and not let the routine take over my life constantly. I love to cook and on weekends we enjoy our family time, developing new dishes and tasting new flavors. This unites us and gives us energy to continue.
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