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"It is motivating being part of a young, experienced team."

"The Supply Chain organization and all the regionalization is really exciting. It promotes a variety of possibilities for Epiroc and our customers. It is motivating being part of a young, experienced team with a bright and challenging, future ahead of us. I am focusing to getting to know my team, their needs and working together to draw a plan for our goals and objectives. I am always daring to think new and focusing on our customer’s expectations, most of all not forgetting a solid future for Epiroc", said Samir Gaertner, Regional Supply Chain Manager.

“"I have spent years in corporate finance with a bachelors in international business. I then jumped into Supply Chain and Operations after completing a Masters in general management at the University of Wales. I joined Epiroc in June 2021 and happily moved with my family to Örebro, Sweden."”

Samir Gaertner

A global background

"Been born and raised in a European family in south of Brazil has given me the opportunity to travel and live in several countries. I have got to know a lot of different people and being able to appreciate many different cultures. I am married to an Italian 'ragazza', who I met in Brazil over 20 years ago. We got married in London and have two kids. The oldest was born in Switzerland and the youngest in the US."

Samir Gaertner works as Regional Supply Chain Manager at Epiroc since June 2021. Samir has a true global background and he states his nationality is a mix of Italian and Brazilian, former German. He has recently moved with his family to Sweden for his latest challenge working as Regional Supply Chain Manager at Epiroc and he brought his cooking skills with him. "According to my family I have a secret talent that is being a chef that can make anything from what is left in the refrigerator taste good."


"Two kids keeps me busy. With such good weather this year in Europe, outside playgrounds and parks are my latest hobby. When not entertaining my kids, I am an amateur golfer that plays for the fun with friends and I am an avid documentary watcher", said Samir Gaertner. 

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