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"The tough conditions brought us closer as a team."

I am responsible for the Production of all of the drilling rigs manufactured in Garland TX, ensuring that they are safely and efficiently built with the highest quality and shipped on time to our customers. I have served as the Production Manager for the Product Company in Garland, Epiroc Surface Division since October of 2020.
Since 2005, I have spent most of my career with Epiroc (and Atlas Copco) in Engineering in various roles gaining technical and managerial experience. In 2016, I accepted Marketing responsibility in addition to my role as Engineering Manager. All of these opportunities have allowed me to grow in my career and enhance my skill set for the benefit of the company.

Team work

The best part of my job is working closely with my team. I am blessed to work with a hard working team that supports each other, helps develop each other, learns from one another and keeps the customers first. We have fun together while collaborating and celebrating our victories as a team. We learn from our mistakes and always challenge each other to be the best we can be.


In 2019, while I was working as the Product Owner for Water Well and energy products my team was responsible for testing in the field. We trained the customer and provided 24/7 support for 6 months. We lived on the drill site and made sure the rig operated as per design while ensuring high rig availability. The tough conditions brought us closer as a team and helped us to learn so much about each other while successfully supporting the customer. We managed to have a few laughs along the way, which is always a good thing.

“Epiroc definitely gives you an opportunity to grow in your career. I can personally attest to that.”

Matt Buttacavoli , Production Manager, Texas

Working in a global company

I enjoy working in a global company. There are opportunities to work with personnel from all over the world so it has been great getting to know people from different countries with different perspectives. In my previous roles, I have travelled quite a bit. I have especially enjoyed working with our customers globally and helping to provide solutions to their business problems. 

Work-life balance

I try to find good balance between work and leisure by minimizing how much work I take home with me.  If I need to come in early or stay late to complete a project or a task, I am fine to do so but I try not to bring this work home. Once I am home, I focus on my family and recharging so I can be at my best the next workday. 
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