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"It feels like I'm working with the coolest and most fun..."

Malin Linkvist is an automation engineer and has also a doctoral degree in industrial measurement technology (Ph.D. in Measurement Science) from Örebro University and has been working as a project manager at Epiroc for about three years. Six months ago, her role was transformed into a Product Owner for three of our agile development teams. But what does that mean?

"I coordinate the tasks my teams should work with and in what order. The customer prioritizes from a market perspective and it is my job to ensure that the team develops the software that our customers want. The best thing about being a PO is that I get to see the whole chain from planning to how it actually works at the customers", says Malin.


When she did her thesis, in the research department AASS, she thought it was so fun that she did not want to finish - so instead she stayed. Driven to learn something new, never to be fully educated, led her to continue her studies.


"Three weeks after I defended my dissertation, I went on maternity leave, but before that I had started my first job at ABB. There I developed simulators, which is more advanced than you first think. Since then I have worked with many different things, as a consultant, project manager, with testing and development… but the role I enjoy best is as a project manager ", says Malin.


When looking for a job as a project manager she found a good opening at Epiroc. "I applied not only for the role, but also because it is an area that I am passionate about. Technical solutions, automation and autonomous vehicles really interests me. I feel very, very at home here and it feels like I work on the coolest and funniest in the technical front. If you look at our division, I definitely have the best role - if I may say so myself. The funniest!" says Malin.


She points out that she is not alone in her role on Epiroc and that she has wonderful colleagues who thrive together. Although the job can be hard sometimes, they have fun together and everyone helps each other to find the best way forward.

“We always have ideas on how to solve a customer problem and then we get to see how it works in reality. The feedback from customers shows that we reach our targets! Right now, we have quite large automation customers, where a lot is happening, and the focus is on large collaborative projects.”

Malin Lindkvist , Project Manager, Sweden
When the working day is over, she devotes a lot of time to the children and their activities, but they are 12 and 14 years old now and manage quite a lot on their own so that gives some time left for exercise as well. Malin also enjoys doing things at home and in the garden.