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"I don't think I have ever felt bored with my job."

Hein Duvenage, General manager, South Africa

Heinrich Duvenage was barely 34 years old when he started as General Manager for Epiroc's Product Company in Springs, South Africa, which makes rock drilling tools for customers throughout Africa. In 2021 he took on his current position as Operations Manager at RGU New Concept Mining within Tools & Attachments division. During his first position Hein (as he usually is called) worked hard to promote LEAN production and foster a strong team culture. When talking to him, the importance of the team quickly becomes obvious. 


How do you inspire motivation and passion in your team?
It starts with a clear vision and strategy for the team to execute.  It is key that the team members have a clear sense of ownership.  We are quite a small team but I have really exceptional team members working with me. It makes my life so much easier.


Anything else to add about your management style?  
I'm very passionate about production.  I want to enable the team to succeed. I really want to emphasize what a great team we have here. It is small but almost like a family.  I am very grateful for that. 


How would you describe working for Epiroc to people outside the company? 

I would recommend anybody to apply for an opportunity to work at Epiroc.  We are customer focused and have clear focus on what we want to achieve, and I feel that Epiroc puts a lot of focus on people and leadership and looks after the employees. Working for Epiroc is always a challenge; I don't think in my 12 years with the company I have ever felt bored with my job. 

What are your hobbies? 

Anything to do with the outdoors. Being South African, I think we are spoiled with such a beautiful nature. I really enjoy going out into the bush and just being in nature - hunting, fishing and camping.  We are truly blessed with that. 


Hein is married to high school sweetheart Magdald. They have two children: a daughter, 7, and a son, almost 3.