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"Yes, I enjoy the art of negotiating."

Hi, my name is Denilson Santos, I´m 53 years old, married and have two daughters. During my time off, I do many different things but what I enjoy most is to hang out with my family, which is very important to me.


I started my career at Atlas Copco 30 years ago. Since then I have worked in many departments, for example in accounting, logistics, internal sales, RDT products. Some years ago, I accepted the challenge to start maintaining and developing a network of 10 dealers and so, after some years I could manage and improve our territory management increasing the net base to 16 dealers. Besides managing the dealers and Para state branch I also was responsible for Sales to cover the complete Brazilian market supporting all business lines, Since 2018, I’m in charge of TLD Business Line. This demands weekly travels to meet our clients and support the TLD business.

“I love to be able to understand the customer´s needs, get to the precise moment for the best deal for our company and so bring to our customers exactly what they need to meet their demands. Yes, the art of negotiating and build relationship are what I mostly enjoy.”

Denilson Santos , TLD Business Line Manager – Epiroc Brazil

At Epiroc, you get the support needed to develop your career. There´re daily opportunities as the company is always increasing its portfolio and so taking us out of our comfort zone. Another example is traveling abroad on business or training to learn new things, to develop new skills that lead us to a better performance and so, further personal development.


During my years within the company I’ve participated in many trainings and of course, it has helped a lot to develop my career and myself. The good example I have is the Territory Management training that was held in Colombia and USA, Online Marketing Principles and Management, which was an online program consisting of online lectures, workshops, webinars and interactive tools. The course was accomplished by Lund University in Sweden- founded in 1666 and ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The lastest one was MasterMinds training online too, it was an intensive training during 12 months.

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