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Surface and Exploration Drilling

Epiroc’s Surface and Exploration Drilling division develops, manufactures and markets rock and exploration drilling equipment.
The machines are used for various applications in civil and geotechnical engineering, quarries and both surface as well as underground mines worldwide. Our strong focus on innovative product design and service support systems gives added customer value.

Above and below ground


Diamec Smart 6

We offer a wide range of surface drill rigs for various needs and applications. Surface drill rigs are primarily used for blast-hole drilling in open pit mining, quarries, and civil engineering projects. The products range from basic pneumatic drill rigs to ultra-modern, high-efficiency hydraulic drill rigs which offer excellent possibilities to improve the entire mining or quarrying process.

The SmartROC CL surface drill rig is one example of our successful products that enhance customer value. Introduced in 2016, the rig combines outstanding hole quality with very low fuel consumption and extensive possibilities for automation. The result is a high-efficiency drill rig with very low cost of ownership, offering peace of mind for miners all over the world.

We also offer a number of products for core drilling and reverse circulation, designed to meet needs both above and below ground. Applications include exploration drilling, definition drilling, ground investigation and grade control drilling to obtain high quality samples.

We also provide products tailored to the dimension stone industry for breaking of marble, granite, limestone and sandstone.

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We are based in Örebro, Sweden, and our main production centers are in Sweden, Italy, India, Japan and China.