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Epiroc’s Rocktec division coordinates and develops technology solutions, and provides specialist consulting and engineering services. It drives the automation and interoperability expansions for Epiroc’s other divisions. Our in-house competence center pro-actively supports all divisions in developing better and more attractive products.

Innovation for productivity

Rocktec develops and maintains the data platforms for today's solid technology and tomorrow’s innovations. Having an eco-system view on automation and working with open data, we enable Epiroc to be a long-term partner for its customers on their digitalization journey.

The future is all about interoperability, automation, advanced data analytics and a work process where Epiroc help its customers take the right steps towards improved operations. Every little step results in the clear benefits of digitalization - increased safety, predictability and productivity.

Digitalization a key aspect

We continuously develop more efficient products. With the introduction of the Certiq telematics solution, we are now offering an interface where customers can collect machine information. This enables production analysis and improvements based on how machines are actually used. In a recent example, one end customer could improve the performance of a bolting rig with 10% by using machine data. This shows the value of accurate real-time information from the machines supporting the operators in performing as productively as possible.

Find us

The divisional headquarters are located in Örebro, Sweden. The research and development centers are located in Bangalore, India, and Örebro, Sweden.