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Drilling Solutions

Epiroc’s Drilling Solutions division develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of rotary drilling equipment. The machines are used in surface mining, exploration, construction, and water well and shallow oil and gas applications worldwide.

Productivity boosters

Some of our recently launched successful products that increase customer productivity include:
  • The Pit Viper-275 CA, a fully autonomous rotary blasthole drill
  • The Pit Viper-231 rotary blasthole drill
  • The Diamondback DB40 water well drill
  • The Rig Control System RCS Lite, which facilitates and enhances the operator experience

    All these products are on the cutting edge when it comes to productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

    Automation is increasingly a key aspect for us as it can go a long way to create more value for customers, for example by allowing them to operate their drill rigs remotely. In June 2017, our team performed a transcontinental blast-hole drill with a fully autonomous Pit Viper 275 in Garland, Texas, USA, controlled more than 8,100 kilometers away from Stockholm, Sweden.

Find us

Our divisional headquarters and main production center are located in Garland, Texas, United States.